Key Steps for the Michigan ACE Initiative Future

My last blog post contained some hearty thanks for our recent conference and a hint for where we need to go in the future. More of the same—not exactly.

Here are 10 key steps I think we need to take and how it relates to our revised strategic planning as we look at a five year framework (2019-2023).

Key Steps
  1. We need more visibility support our most valuable asset—Master Trainers and Community Champions. In doing so, we also need to strategically plan for new cohorts of trainers each year organized around statewide or regional organizations. Grassroots efforts will make the difference.
  2. We need to sponsor, collaborate, and or facilitate research on our efforts. This includes efforts with providers for enhanced screening of kids. This documentation will tell the story necessary to sustain long term efforts. We need to identify a partner to lead for the Michigan ACE Initiative.
  3. We need to seek, collaborate and facilitate demonstration projects with various grant making organizations—the recognized organizations as well as Michigan Corporate giving. We can make a strong business case for this effort. We need to identify a partner to lead for the Michigan ACE Initiative.
  4. We need to acquire, push, and provide more data in addition to the Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System, BRFSS to not only establish baseline but to measure progress. BRFSS needs to be supported to obtain annual updates.
  5. We need to expand and increase the energy and creative vision on the State Steering Committee by expanding membership to include more from voices in education, law enforcement, community development, and business.
  6. We need to develop and maintain a statewide network of media support—traditional as well as emerging.
  7. We need to (State Steering Committee and the MAHP Foundation) fund raise and create the endowment necessary to sustain the Michigan ACE Initiative.
  8. We need to lead—but partner with state government.
  9. We need to hold an annual meeting or conference and bring larger spotlights to what is happening in Michigan and create the new and renewed energy to keep us motivated.
  10. We need to provide an annual report to the legislature and governor and consider alignment with other reports, such as Kids Count, ALICE, and other child health reports.

By virtue of the current funding contribution from one of the Michigan Health Plans—we have time to develop and agree on a future strategy and to bring it to fruition.  We know there is a hunger for more information on this issue and for creating solutions.

The next 3-4 months should be devoted to developing and getting agreement on the best strategy.  The MAHP Foundation will remain the “Home”, but we need to establish explicit roles for our partners and secure dedicated funding for those services provided by our partners.

My next blog post will provide a progress on this effort.

Rick Murdock