Michigan ACE July 2020 Status Report Released

I am pleased to share with the Michigan ACE Initiative network of Master Trainers, Community Champions, advocates, and supporters the July 2020 Michigan ACE Initiative Status Report. This is a document that is intended to briefly highlight our accomplishments since the 2016 origin of the Michigan ACE Initiative and the path forward that we intend to take in the coming months and years along with links to our videos, website, and Facebook pages. However, we have just begun and the challenge still in front of us is moving affected populations to “resiliency” while still providing awareness to various populations. Success in the coming months and years will be determined in how well we leverage existing programs and related resources and how well we do in securing new targeted resources.

While not referenced in the status report, you should be aware of the following steps already in motion:

• We have secured funding to support a Detroit based cohort of Master Trainers with ACE Interface. This funding has been supplemented by support by Henry Ford Health System. We are planning for this training in October.

• We have secured funding from the Children’s Foundation to support a Grand Rapids based new cohort of Master Trainers. We are planning for this training in November.

• We have submitted several other funding proposals to seek additional support to bolster the work of our Master Trainers and Community Champions and to strengthen ACEs work in Michigan.

• Following the passage of the House Concurrent Resolution (HCR) 02 & Senate Concurrent Resolution (SCR) 08 declaring ACEs to be a public health issue, we continue to advocate for legislation, appropriations, reporting, and oversight to support these resolutions.

All of this – and more—is predicated on the strategic objectives and vision that was developed this past winter for the coming years and will be our guidepost for solicitation of new resources and partnerships.

Thanks again for your support and involvement.

Rick Murdock