Michigan ACE Master Trainer

The ACE Interface Train the Master Trainer Program is designed to support rapid dissemination of ACE and resilience science, and promote understanding and application of the science to improve health and wellbeing across the lifespan.

The program is structured with licensed materials, a two-day training provided by ACE Interface, and a process for effectively implementing a massive ACE education campaign that is based on person-to-person interaction and community engagement. Trained presenters use a flexible script, PowerPoint presentation, and background information that has been reviewed by national content experts, improved over time using field experience, and proven to be effective with diverse audiences.

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Michigan ACE Community Champion

As a community champion, you will have the knowledge and tools to spread the message of ACEs from board rooms to living rooms.

The goals of the MACC training include opportunities to:

  • Learn and develop skills to articulate:
    • The ACE research findings and implications
    • Basic information about how ACEs impact brain development and function as an adaptive response to the environmental circumstances
    • What community core protective systems capacity is and how the development of a community capacity can help reduce ACEs in children
  • Understand the impact of ACEs have had on our own lives
  • Recognize and manage the emotional responses of the audience with empathy
  • Understand the kinds of safety necessary for trauma sensitive learning environments
  • Know the boundaries of one’s own expertise and knowledge


If you are interested in becoming a Michigan ACE Community Champion, please fill out this form.


Master Trainer Presentation Locations

In total, the Michigan ACE Initiative has trained 132 Master Trainers—and they’re making a widespread impact throughout Michigan.

Once trained, our Master Trainers go out into their respective communities and train other people who frequently work with kids, including parents, foster parents, teachers, social workers, community health workers, law enforcement and beyond.

Creating trauma-informed communities—teaching individuals to recognize signs of ACEs before it’s too late—can change a child’s life.

By using the ACE Presentation Mapyou can view where presentations have taken place throughout Michigan. The Master Trainer and MACC Map allows you to view where trainers are located throughout Michigan.

You can view the location of each organization or individual by clicking on the name in the table below the map. Using the plus and minus buttons in the top left corner of the map allows you to zoom in and out.

Request A Master Trainer Presentation

If you’re interested in requesting a presentation by a Master Trainer, please fill out the presentation request form.